Okey, so we want to give you some idea of what you will be surrounded by, when attending our enchanted and all inclusive workshop in the spectacular South of France. So here are a few glimpse of The Villa, where you all will be staying during this unique and personal workshop.

The View from the garden

And because we don’t wanna spoil all the fun, we don’t give it all away. We want you to be pleasantly surprised, and just take all that french air, view and vibe in. The Villa is a sanctuary for that ‘feel good’ vibe, and we are over the top excited to share this with YOU!

So this was The Villa, next we will give you a sneak peek of the city of Vence, and surroundings. Please don’t hesitate to email us about any question regarding the workshop, accommodation, prices and all. We are here to help you get them answered!


Photos: Non Professional – NWB’s private photos.