Som vi har gledet oss til å vise dette magiske bryllupet fra ‘The English Countryside’. Bruden Carly bærer en helt unik og nydelig brudekjole i gult(!). Og gult må man bare bli glad av. Sammen med rød leppestift, nydelige høstfarger, fantastiske kaker, typisk engelsk interiør (som vi bare elsker!), og et brudepar og gjester som stråler gjennom bildene, gjennom en dag med masse glede og store smil. Hva mer kan man ønske seg av et November bryllup holdt på den vakreste eiendommen Maunsel House. Og hit dro altså Mona Moe Machava Photography fra kalde Norge, for å dokumentere alle de vakre menneskene i disse eventyraktige omgivelsene. Helt i Machava sin unike stil, som ikke kunne vært mer perfekt for Carly og Karim, og deres engelske kjærlighetshistorie.

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FRA FOTOGRAFEN: It was the last weekend in November when I flew over to England to photograph Carly and Karim’s wonderful wedding at the Maunsel house in Somerset.

I used to study in England, but I don’t think I am lying if I say it’s been 15 years since I left! (God I am getting old;) on my way there I was sitting on one of those UK trains, that feels like propper old-fashion trains you know, eating prown coctail crisps (oh god I missed those;), looking out at the beautiful English countryside and listening to some old ladies talking and laughing around me. I realized then, that I had missed this country quite a bit without even knowing it!!

And it got even better! The sun was shining the morning after and some lovely old taxy driver took me to the Maunsel house for the wedding. We where talking all the way there, stopping for some photos and I was drinking coffee in the back seat. (should have been tea ne?) I was really curious to meet Carly and Karim. I arrived at the Maunsel house, which is a dream of a place! I found peacocks, doves, small ponies and I don’t know what outside, and my lovely second shooter Frøy was there to meet me with a big smile as always (I don’t know what I would do without her;) The house was full of happy people! Carly and Karim and there family and friends just made up the perfect gathering for an amazing wedding!!! And best of all Carly was wearing a yellow wedding dress and red lipstick!

The ceremony was so beautiful, and I loved it when a little spiderman, a princess and a mini Darth Wader entered the room with the rings and rose petals. that was just the sweetest thing ever;)

This wedding was truly amazing and I really really enjoyed myself!

Thank you so much for having me, Carly and Karim. I wish you all the best in the whole wide world!!


LEVERANDØRER: Photography: Mona Moe Machava // Second shooter: Frøy Østby Nielsen // Hair accessories by: Lou Simmonds // Hair and make-up: Marie Kelly // Venue: Maunsel House