Vakkert sommerbryllup fanget av Peter & Veronika. Jarka og Martin hadde sin spesielle dag på en romantisk vingård, 24. august. Bruden hadde på  seg 2 flotte kjoler i løpet av bryllupsfeiringen. Den første hadde hun på seg under en shoot før den store dagen, og på festen på bryllupskvelden. På selve bryllupsdagen hadde hun på seg en nydelig kjole, med fine blonder.

Vesela_Susila_peterandveronika_40_lowPeter and Veronika vesela33Vesela_Susila_peterandveronika_94_lowVesela_Susila_peterandveronika_90_lowVesela_Susila_peterandveronika_91_lowPeter and Veronika vesela24Vesela_Susila_peterandveronika_110_lowVesela_Susila_peterandveronika_96_lowVesela_Susila_peterandveronika_98_lowPeter and Veronika veselaVesela_Susila_peterandveronika_108_lowVesela_Susila_peterandveronika_105_lowVesela_Susila_peterandveronika_49_lowPeter and Veronika vesela26Vesela_Susila_peterandveronika_30_lowVesela_Susila_peterandveronika_10_lowPeter and Veronika vesela31Vesela_Susila_peterandveronika_5_lowPeter and Veronika vesela14 Peter and Veronika vesela22Vesela_Susila_peterandveronika_15_lowPeter and Veronika vesela30 Vesela_Susila_peterandveronika_50_lowVesela_Susila_peterandveronika_23_lowPeter and Veronika vesela10Vesela_Susila_peterandveronika_32_lowPeter and Veronika vesela28Vesela_Susila_peterandveronika_34_low Peter and Veronika vesela12 Peter and Veronika vesela6 Vesela_Susila_peterandveronika_35_lowPeter and Veronika vesela15Peter and Veronika vesela1Vesela_Susila_peterandveronika_51_lowPeter and Veronika vesela27 Peter and Veronika vesela16Peter and Veronika vesela8Vesela_Susila_peterandveronika_63_low Vesela_Susila_peterandveronika_56_lowPeter and Veronika vesela13Peter and Veronika vesela19Peter and Veronika vesela25Peter and Veronika vesela11 Peter and Veronika vesela5Peter and Veronika vesela7Vesela_Susila_peterandveronika_81_low Peter and Veronika vesela3Peter and Veronika vesela9 Peter and Veronika vesela21Vesela_Susila_peterandveronika_82_lowPeter and Veronika vesela23Peter and Veronika vesela2Peter and Veronika vesela18Peter and Veronika vesela17

FROM THE BRIDE: Our wedding was more beautiful, more incredible and more magical than I could have ever dreamed of. In fact, I did not dream about wedding before. But the moment we decided in March that this summer will be THE summer, I just fell into it. We did not have any specific picture in our minds at the beginning. All we knew was that our wedding day had to be natural, about us and enjoyable for all. And then gradually all the things started to fall into their places to form a picture of a day full of happiness, love and beauty. And I so much enjoyed all the preparations. We had big luck with people around us. Peter & Veronika were number one choice, they are masters of catching the atmosphere in the photographs and very nice people at the same time.

My makeup and hair were making me feel in that beautiful dress in castle scenery with the tones of harp as a Duchess (brides use to say that they feel like princesses, but I rather felt like a duchess ) The dress itself has his own small story. When choosing the dress, Martin fell in love with this dress so much that anytime the topic went to dresses, he always talked about this one, dismissing all other dresses as not even comparable to that one. I rather imagined much simpler dress more suitable for informal summer wedding we planned. Few weeks later I saw this dress being on sale in one wedding salon, though quite far from our city. I drove there and dress fitted me perfectly. At around same time we discovered, by coincidence, Budmerice castle and its park, only 10 minutes from our party venue.

To our huge surprise, there has not been a wedding for several years at that stunning place. And the dress was like made for this destination. I meant to keep the dress secret till the date of the wedding, but then I just could not wait so long. Still the surprise I saw in Martin’s eyes when I showed him the dress was great. Funny thing is that as a little girl I was very fond of French ‘aristocracy’ literature and history and the dress and the castle were like cut out from those books! That’s the example how things can fall right into their places and wedding can be really about you. Our wedding party venue was another great choice -the garden of a cute Winery. It was decorated with flower bouquets, lace and vintage decorations. It was so beautiful and cozy there! Dinner and party were informal and intimate, we had our closest family and friends with us which made it even more special. For the dinner and party I had another beautiful wedding dress, light and bright, in which I felt so comfortable and pretty.

Food and wine were exquisite, cakes and sweets, baked also by my dad and best friends, were delicious. Weather was just perfect and we all danced under the stars till the morning, it was great to see our family and friends enjoying the day and night with us, having fun and nice time. And I enjoyed it so sooo much that I think I did not stop smiling whole time! I can’t even name one best moment of the day. Was it when we woke up in the morning and knew it is all beginning? Was it when my parents saw me first time and mum had tears in her eyes? Was it when I was walking down the aisle with my proud dad and saw that handsome man waiting there? Was it the first kiss? First dance? It was all of these and more. It was whole day as a puzzle of all marvelous single moments and overall atmosphere.

VENDORS: Wedding photography : Peter & Veronika // 1st wedding dress: MyLady //  2nd wedding dress: Dyona //  Ceremony venue catering: Winery at Ludvik //  Wedding party venue: Winery at Ludvik //  Music: Maria Kmetkova //  Wedding Cake: Patisserie Wagner // Wedding sweets: Giraffe Bakery

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