Ballerina & Bridal Shoot

How incredible proud we are to finally show the world what we created together with amazing people in South of France this April. It is our outmost humbling gratitude to work alongside – and together with such talent and good spirited souls. Professionals and people who strive and thrive to present the most beautiful work of their craft & art. Koby & Terilyn Brown of Archetype was the teachers and speakers sent from photography heaven to inspire, teach and speak. These two incredible people guided our lovely attendees to want more – and find their own path in the wedding industry, by being open hearted, and sharing absolutely all of their ‘business secrets’. Their passion besides photography itself is to teach, and that; we all truly felt. Joanne Fleming Design made three ‘out of this world’ custom gowns, especially for this workshop. She even graced us with her presence – speaking so passionately about her process as a gown designer. A world class brand we admire so greatly. Joanne Fleming is just an exquisite delight in every way. These magical days in Vence, were packed with learning, laughing, sharing and creating new friendships across the globe. Every moment was filled with beauty and inspiration to take home with us – to share with all of you.

Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Vence, France

Please pop that champagne and enjoy the selection of photographs by Koby & Terilyn Brown of ArchetypeLaetitia C. fleurs d’atelier made my flower vision come true, by creating the most lushes flower arrangements and bouquets, I could ever wish for. Our natural beauties and models were made even more ‘beautilicious’ when Beauty by Tilde styled their hair & make up. Sibo Designs by Sheila Bobeldijk, and her impeccable headpieces and veils were the exclusive details of art to complement the vision beyond our imagination. Stationary were provided by Papellerie, and these are really the stationary suites you would want for every wedding. The sophisticated and romantic lingerie for the J’adore session by our amazing speakers Archetype, are from the amazing Shell Belle Couture. All these unique and incredible vendors made Norwegian Wedding Magazine‘s job like a match made in wedding heaven – to style & edit. Thank you all so so much for your time & talent. Lost in France Workshop Part Two coming up this fall – all the details HERE.

Vence, FranceLost in France Workshop - Archetype7Lost in France Workshop - Archetype11Vence, FranceLost in France Workshop - Archetype15Lost in France Workshop - Archetype4Vence, FranceLost in France Workshop - Archetype12Vence, FranceVence, FranceVence, FranceLost in France Workshop - Archetype18Vence, FranceVence, FranceLost in France Workshop - Archetype13Lost in France Workshop - Archetype10Vence, FranceLost in France Workshop - Archetype22Vence, FranceVence, FranceLost in France Workshop - Archetype21Vence, FranceLost in France Workshop - Archetype2Vence, FranceLost in France Workshop - Archetype17Lost in France Workshop - ArchetypeVence, FranceVence, FranceLost in France Workshop - Archetype5Lost in France Workshop - Archetype9Vence, FranceLost in France Workshop - Archetype1 Lost in France Workshop - Archetype8Vence, FranceLost in France Workshop - Archetype20Lost in France Workshop - Archetype5Lost in France Workshop - Archetype3Vence, FranceLost in France Workshop - Archetype19Vence, FranceLost in France Workshop - Archetype16Vence, France


Photography: Koby & Terilyn Brown of Archetype
Photographers & Speakers: Koby & Terilyn Brown of Archetype
Editor, Stylist & Workshop Hostess: Norwegian Wedding Magazine
Custom Gown Designer: Joanne Fleming Design
Floral Artist: Laetitia C. Fleurs d’Atelier
Hair & Makeup Artist: Beauty by Tilde
Hair Adornments: Sibo Designs by Sheila Bobeldijk
Boudoir Lingerie: Shell Belle Couture
Stationary: Papellerie
Ribbon: FrouFrou Chic
Cakes: French local bakery, styled by Norwegian Wedding Magazine
Shoes & Jewelry: Norwegian Wedding Magazine
Tableware, linen, vintage cutlery & glasses: Private collection of Norwegian Wedding Magazine
Scans by Richard Photo Lab
Models and Ballerinas: Rebecca Løckra Hægland & Oda Østenstad Fjell
Sponsors Workshop: Richard Photo Lab, Trillo & Sons, Queensberry Albums & Photographer’s Edit

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