I met Lousie at one of our workshops, and I fell in love with her work from that day on. That’s why we get itty gitty, everytime she drops us something in our inbox. This inspirational beach wedding is no exception. Cherin and Aidin got married earlier this summer, and as you can see, they were the most stunning couple. Let the swedish summer breeze inspire you and your wedding day, and tlet the images by Moments by Louise take your breath away.

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FROM THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Cherin and Aidin got married in the beginning of the summer so when they saw that I was looking for couples for an inspirational wedding shoot they got in touch right away. They both love the ocean so my shoot was perfect for them. I wanted the magical sunset light so we met at a beach south of Kungsbacka late in the evening. I wanted the shoot to be relaxed and really “beachy” so they are not wearing any shoes. She is however wearing a couple of gorgeous barefoot sandals which is basically jewelry on the feet. I wanted a kind of middle eastern feeling to the shoot so among other things I brought in some Moroccan lanterns. The shoot felt magical with the wind in Cherins hair and the waves rolling in to shore.


Photographer: Moments by Louise
Concept & styling: Moments by Louise
Make up & hair: Neda Zeidi