Oh sweet wedding heaven! When this landed in our inbox, we were thrilled. Christine and Fabio have a such a beautiful and personal wedding, and like the photographer we adore those portraits. This stunner of a wedding is captured beautifully by the talented german photographer Kevin Klein. We love the diversity european weddings has to offer. Let love inspire your wedding to.

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Best memory: The most special moment was walking down the way to the altar with my dad. In this moment I’ve only recognized my husband and saw the excitement in his eyes. It was the first time we saw each other that day and it was that moment when we both felt that to marrywas the best decision in our life. But there were a lot more special moments and we needed a few days to review our whole wedding day again with our families and friends.

The Tip for other brides: The first thing we did when planning our wedding was creating a Pinterest Account, where both of us could collect inspirations. This was the best way to find out what each other imagine. Don’t let you drive crazy and try to take a relaxed view of things. At the end, it’s YOUR special day and all of your guests will feel the love you feel! Nothing is perfect, but your wedding will be unique.

Inspiration behind the wedding: We wanted to have a grounded wedding in a relaxed atmosphere. Only our family and best friends were invited and we wanted to share the feeling and how special this day is for us. We got a lot of good food and drinks and danced with our friends the whole night long. For us it was truly the best day ever

From the photographer: I capture the moments in an authentic way. I’m at their wedding as a friend not just as one of their vendors. My couples feel comfortable with me and so do their friends. Thei don´t even recognize me photographing the day because its like a friend is just taking some photographs. Even though I am so easy to work with they get a product/pictures that are unlike any other full with nature/landscapes, emotions and just the perfect moments.


Photographer: Kevin Klein
Dress: FrouFrou Bridal Boutique
Groom: Gieves & Hawkes via Mr. Porter
Blouse: Hey Love Munich
Florals: Ou j´ai grandi
Nailpolish: Essie
Weddingrings: Cartier