A stunning italian wedding in a small magical town Petritoli by the talented Paolo Ceritano. Canadian Rebecca and Rob, decided they wanted an italian celebration of their wedding day. And we totally understand why, when seeing the beautiful images from their wedding day under the Italian sun.

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Inspiration: On our first visit to Italy in 2013 (to cycle in the famous L’Eroica event that takes place in Gaiole, Chianti) we were having dinner in a very typical Tuscan countryside restaurant. We witnessed an Italian family celebrating someone’s birthday. From our table in the corner we watched the wine flowing, we heard the laughter, smelled the food, and saw the love shared over a typical Italian dinner table. We thought to ourselves “wow, the Italian people sure know how to celebrate!”. That image of celebration stayed in my memory for a long time. The following year, when Rob proposed in Ottawa, Canada, there was only one type of wedding celebration I could think of. An Italian celebration! We asked 40 of our closest friends and family if they would consider making the trek to Italy with us, and we were met with a resounding “YES!”. We began planning our destination wedding in the summer of 2014.

Tips: Draw diagrams of what you’d like to see at your wedding. ie: a diagram of the dinner table configuration, the ceremony seating chart (if outdoors.) Choose a theme. Start a few different Pinterest.com “boards” of decorative ideas, colour schemes, hairstyles, flower bouquets etc… Start making local connections as early as possible. Use Polyvore.com to create images of centerpieces and to match the clothing of the wedding party. Use Duolingo to learn as much of the local language as possible!

Why Paolo: We chose Paolo for a multitude of reasons. After reviewing the portfolios of almost 100 different photographers, and corresponding online, we could tell that Paolo understood our vision, but more importantly, understood us as people. We had so many personal traits in common, from our age, to our taste in music and art. It’s important that your photographer is someone you can relate to on a personal level. His portfolio blew us away. We could tell early on, that Paolo was already capturing the types of images that affected us on an emotional level. You must hire someone whose artistic expression speaks to you. Art has no language. We trusted Paolo’s sense of creativity and his eye for beauty. Paolo quickly became a friend, and our most helpful local contact. We wouldn’t have had such an easy planning process if it wasn’t for him. Paolo’s presence gave us comfort, and reminded us that we had a friend nearby while we were so far from our home.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Paolo Ceritano