We love us a stylish couple doing their thing – their own way. Andrè and Cindy did just that. Their wedding photos was captured by the talented Jesús Caballero Photography in the streets of the beautiful city of Lisbon.


From the photographer: This couple did things really personal and at own style. Before move for work from Dublin to Berlin, they started to dream with some different “make at your own way” for their memories. It could have been a small civil wedding, or a celebration in a cathedral or small church, but they decided to do everything different and personal for their wedding memories. What to do for that? As they love to travel, why not to do 2 things on the 2 most amazing cities in Europe? First, the intimate and private proposal was in Paris, France. In Lisbon, a really vintage city in Portugal, they wanted their “wedding moments” in a personal way. No guest. No ceremony. A kind of elopement at the streets of the city, celebrating their love without worries. After visiting some of the most beautiful places in the city with some adventures, we went near Cascais, at Guincho beach, an incredible background for the last and most special moments, where the “vows” were surrounded  by the sound of the sea, a perfect background for them and their love. A unique moment captured.

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From Couple: Andre & Cindy, German and South Korean met in Dublin and now they are Berliners. Both love sunshine and traveling artistic cities which also have a long history. Both never been to Lisbon or Portugal but heard fabulous stories about the city and its people. The photos of Jesus also inspired them to come and do similar ones.

In Portugal, we started our trip in Algarve, Quarteira and chilled for 2 days at the seaside. Then we took our rental car to Lisbon and stayed there for 7 nights in Browns Downtown hotel in the city center. Very very nice hotel! Super stylish and cosy. For us Lisbon was a mix of Rome (vast history to explore), Berlin (modern, gratify, hip), Barcelona (beautiful harbor city) and Edinburgh (impressive castle on hill in city). Awesome place. So romantic little streets. So much to discover. We envy everybody living there!

The Bride dress was from an online shop. Unfortunately the delivery got delayed and even had to be send directly to Lisbon hotel. It arrived one day before the photo shoot and everything went smooth in the end. Andre dressed a vintage suit from Berlin.

We were very happy that the dress was looking fabulous, the weather was beautiful (we was scared it might be cloudy and rainy like the days before) and that the Lisbon people were so friendly to us. One of the favorite memories is to meet a grandpa choir of “canto alentejano” and they spontaneously started to sing for us. That made us feel truly special and we will never forget that. On the way back to hotel we met student musicians who also sang songs for us on the street. Great musicians. We love Lisbon and it’s people and are very inspired by their warmheartedness! Many people clapped when we walked by and celebrated us. We felt like celebrities.

For those are planning now something like we did, I only could tell about not to put too much pressure on yourself to have the perfect day. If you stay relaxed and make the best out of whats happening your positive attitude will reflect on the photos and you will have much more fun… and that’s what it’s about in the end, right?

About your photographer: Jesus was fabulous. He lead us to all the nice places and was such an interesting conversation partner. We didn’t feel like working with a photographer – we felt like being out having fun with an old friend! During the hours we spend with Jesus he created a very comfortable atmosphere which made us relaxed and happy. Jesus is a true professional. He never misses an opportunity for a good shot and he is full of ideas to capture unique moments. We love the pictures he did and we recommend him without any doubt! Thank you Jesus!

PHOTOGRAPHER: Jesús Caballero Photography