Nydelig norsk brudeinspirasjon fra en av våre vakreste sommerbyer. Alt fanget av Elizabeth Burgi Photography.



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FRA FOTOGRAFEN: This summer, I had the amazing opportunity to do a styled shoot in one of Norway’s most charming and tranquil towns when I went to visit my family in Risør. The 16-hour flight from Los Angeles is rough but once you get to this pocket-sized coastal hamlet you let go of the long trek. Risør reminds me of something you’d see in the beginning of a Disney movie; all of the buildings are painted white (which is required by the town) and little boutiques line the small harbor. Risør is a tourist destination for Norwegians and is very well known for its wooden boat festival. I knew I could not pass up this opportunity to do a styled shoot in such a winsome setting. My cousin Angelica is a model and was the perfect subject for my shoot. She wore two different styles of dresses. The first dress is a more traditional gown with bustling rosettes rising up from the hemline. The second dress is a less formal vintage gown my grandmother discovered in a thrift store in Norway. We began our shoot at the town’s iconic church, which is the very first building you see when you approach the village. Our next spot was a gorgeous estate on the outskirts of town. Behind the house is a beautiful fjord where the owner docks his plane. Finally, we ended our shoot at Risør’s most famous landmark, “Risørflekken.” This large white rock offers panoramic views over the harbor and coastline. It was used by sailors to navigate their way into the harbor and can be seen 12 nautical miles from land. Needless to say, my time in Norway was magical and I’m so happy I was able to capture some of that enchantment in this photo shoot!

FOTOGRAF: Elizabeth Burgi Photography