Vi elsker dette bryllupet fra Gøteborg, fullt av følelser, og fantastiske detaljer. For ikke å snakke om Isabelle sin nydelige brudekjole og stil. Simply perfect sammen med sin brudgom Cody. Loke Roos er deres bryllupsfotograf, og som fan av hans arbeid, forstår vi godt at brudeparet er meget fornøyd med resultatet.

Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG5310_lowSamuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG4480_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG5026_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG4895_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG4530_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG4485_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG4404_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG4748_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG4821_lowSamuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG4415_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG4862_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG4918_lowSamuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG6809_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG4554_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG4994_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG4667_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG4999_lowSamuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG6443_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG6423_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG6420_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG6527_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG6539_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG6596_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG6625_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG6681_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG6811_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG6734_lowSamuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG6348_lowSamuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG6468_lowSamuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG5493_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG5460_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG5459_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG5411_lowSamuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG5272_lowSamuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG6177_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG5936_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG5822_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG7150_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG6915_lowSamuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG7097_lowSamuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG7022_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG7051_lowSamuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG5213_lowSamuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG5358_lowSamuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG5526_lowSamuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG5328_lowSamuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG5157_lowSamuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG6915_lowSamuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG7383_lowSamuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG5386_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG5757_lowSamuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG6886_lowSamuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG5639_low Samuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG5693_lowSamuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG5290_lowSamuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG7537_lowSamuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG7416_lowSamuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG7707_lowSamuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG7789_lowSamuelsson_McNallan_Photographer_Loke_Roos_MG7081_low

FROM THE COUPLE: We met during Isabelle’s first few days in Los Angeles, at a housing meeting for the college we were both going to attend. We where sitting facing each other but on different tables, we actually didn’t speak until later but Cody definitely made an impression. Throughout the whole meeting he was making faces at himself in the mirror behind Isabelle. If you’d told her then that he was going to be her future husband she wouldn’t have believed you. But we soon found out we where going to be neighbors, we ended up spending every night together and shortly we where best friends. We where in the Grand Canyon with both our sets of parents. After a day of walking around and admiring the beauty they decided to have dinner at the Grand Hotel. Waiting for our table they we were sitting and having drinks outside on the porch, right where the cliff starts. It was a beautiful evening and the sun was about to set when Cody asked Isabelle to go on a walk with him and take a few pictures. After some persuasion Isabelle decided join and they walk along the cliff until they got a beautiful section of little trees. We where completely hidden from everybody else; just us, the sunset and the Grand Canyon in front of us. And that’s when Cody went down on one knee and asked Isabelle to marry him.

Neither of us are religious so we wanted to create our own ceremony and wedding. We wanted it to be true to us the whole way so we added the love for nature and our own quirkiness to it. It was a day inspired by nature, soft pallets and our love for each other and our interests.

Best moment during our day, We think that was right after our first dance. Everybody came up and joined us on the dance floor, no matter what age. It was such a joy to see everybody having such a great time; just dancing and laughing no matter how much some knees must have hurt. It was such a great evening and we felt so surrounded with love and support.

We spent 3 months looking for a photographer without any luck, nobody had exactly what we needed and wanted. And then by chance Isabelle tried her 33rd way of frasing “wedding photographer Göteborg”, and there he was. With the exact style we wanted, the package that allowed them to document their whole day and a personality that was shining though in all his work. Loke for us was the perfect match, we couldn’t be happier with the pictures and everybody loved him!

VENDORS: Photographer: Photographer Loke Roos //Cinema and Video: Loke Roos // Shoes: Tamaris // DJ: ADJ Production AB // Floral Designer: Fiori Blommor //Ring Designer: Gabriel & Co. New York // Bakery: Grunnegumman // DIY or Handmade Goods Designer: Isabelle Samuelsson // Makeup Artist: Makeupartist Tanja Behram // Reception Venue: Villa Odinslund // Dress Designer: Watters

LOKE ROOS er blant våre utvalgte dyktige bryllupsfotografer i vår leverandørguide The Notebook.