A modern stylish bridal shoot inspired by the ruins of the medieval Bishop’s Castle at Kuusisto, came to life when this creative and talented finnish team joined forces to inspire our lovely brides. All captured by Jere Satamo Photography.

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FROM THE STYLIST: For a some time, Saara and I floated idea for a project, a collaboration witch could showcase the truly talented and passionate professionals we have as our friends and colleagues. A aesthetic shoot to reflect our passion at the work we do.

When Jere, the photographer suggested for the location, The ruins of the medieval Bishop’s Castle at Kuusisto, everything came together naturally. The ruins are old, small and so dreamy, surrounded nearby forest, fields and water. The mood and style was set.

As the location and Finnish fall colors it self are so strong we wanted keep everything else simple, elegant and timeless, focusing the beautiful, specially for this shoot made bridal gowns, bespoke flowers and the beauty of Finnish nature.

When the shooting started at the brake of dawn, the dark clouds and slight wind set the final mood for the shoot. The contrast and chemistry between the models Mirka and Wilma worked like charm. In the end we accieved what we wanted; photographs showing enchanted beauty.


Photography: Jere Satamo Photography
Bridal gowns: Pukuni
Bridal Adornments: AINO
Flowers: Kukka Fiori
Rings: Aito Kultasepänverstas
Styling & Consept: AINO / Satu & Pukuni / Saara
MUA: Mona Nieminen
Hair: Hanna Julkku
Models: Mirka & Wilma
Location: Bishop’s Castle at Kuusisto , Finland