A stunner of a mountain wedding from Utah, captured by the talented Pepper Nix Photography. This stylish and colorful wedding had it’s own little drama, when a storm passed by the city, and the outdoor wedding had to be in a ballroom instead . Read the story at the end of the gallery.

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How did you and your spouse meet? I was on a date with another man and it wasn’t going well. As my date ignored me in favor of arguing with the bartender about football, Austin sat on my other side and casually made conversation. When my date went the the restroom Austin tried to ask for my number but my date was already returning. I told Austin not to worry. He thought I was blowing him off. Before I left, I gave my card to a waitress I happened to walk by. A while after we had left, the waitress came by as her shift was ending and gave my card to Austin. She told him she almost forgot. Austin and I went on a real date the next day.

Who proposed marriage and how did that proposal happen? Austin proposed to me Memorial Day weekend while we were on a weekend trip to Austin, Texas. He had asked my father for permission over Easter and had been torturing me by not proposing for 2 months! My birthday was the weekend before Memorial Day and he STILL hadn’t proposed. I gave up, I didn’t know what he was waiting for! He surprised me though, I had no idea it was coming!

Old, new, borrowed, blue – Did you follow that tradition and if so, what did you use? I realized the week of the wedding i hadn’t thought of this tradition but i pulled it together! My bouquet was wrapped in lace I bought while studying abroad in Italy (5 years is old right?!), my dress was new, I borrowed my Maid of Honor’s garter she wore in her wedding the year before, and one of my bridesmaids put a blue crystal “I DO” sticker on the bottom of my shoes.

Moments you loved, hated, cried, laughed or giggled at: I did all of the above when the decision had to be made to move the entire reception inside. I REALLY did not want a reception in a ballroom. But everybody pulled together and moved the already set up reception tables inside. I came down from cocktail hour to see half the men in attendance carrying our tables inside, bridesmaids carrying handfuls of empty wine glasses and stacks of chairs. It was truly a group effort!

What you would have done differently, if anything: Any advice you have for future brides? Don’t worry about things you can’t control. I could have completely lost it when the storm blew in but there wasn’t anything I could do about it. We made the best of the situation and ended up with AMAZING pictures of us dancing in the rain.

Where did you find your inspiration? ETSY! You can find the greatest things on there! I ordered both our flower girl dress and guest book (finger print tree) from Etsy.

Your favorite moment of the day? Dancing in the rain with my new husband.

Three things you’re glad you did:

1. I’m glad we did reception stations instead of a buffet or sit down dinner. It gets people up and moving without waiting in lines.

2. I’m glad we did a first look and as many other pictures as possible before the ceremony. We were able to enjoy our cocktail hour!

3. I’m so glad my new husband got the saber the champagne bottle, he was really excited about that and it is a great memory.

Did you do a First Look before the ceremony? Yes, we did. We wanted to be present for our cocktail hour instead of taking picures.
Why did you pick that location for your ceremony? We wanted an outdoor ceremony in the mountains without having to move venues from the ceremony to the reception. Did someone escort you down the aisle? My dad
Wedding programs? Yes, they doubled as fans. They were designed by Nine-Grain
Wedding favors: Welcome Bags were given at the Welcome Reception. Filled with Utah Honey, sunscreen, chap stick, and some Pralines from Texas Cake Designer: Deer Valley Bakery
Wedding cake: We wanted something simple so it was a 4 tier buttercream iced cake with Key lime filling
Number of guests:140 Favorite reception memory: Dancing in the Rain!

Since the entire event was planned for outside we wanted to compliment nature without overwhelming it. We went with neutral linens and mahogany chairs and let the florals really shine! The centerpieces were a cluster of low containers and votives. The flowers with mostly red with some pinks and greens. The vases and votives were beautiful golds and bronzes in a combination of metal and mercury glass. Where did you get the inspiration for your color palette and design? Our wedding was the day after the 4th of July but we didn’t want red, white, and blue. We decided to use a neutral palate with pops of red with some gold and bronze accents.


Rehearsal dinner: In leiu of a rehearsal dinner we invited everyone to a welcome reception for cocktails and dinner at the Empire Canyon Lodge in Deer Valley.
Why a Mountain Wedding? My family vacations in Park City for Christmas and summer breaks and there is nothing more beautiful than a summer night in the mountains.
What was the weather like on your wedding day? It stormed like I have never seen it storm in Park City! We were able to have the ceremony and cocktail hour outside as planned but had to move dinner inside. Despite the rain, we went back out after dinner for dancing.
What were some personal details you incorporated? We listed my husband’s late father as the Best Man in the program because he would have been his Best Man if he could have been there. They were best friends. We also surprised my dad with a cake for his 50th birthday which had taken place the week before. Other wedding party people: Our flower girl Savanna was the CUTEST!

First Dance Song: Stay with You – John Legend

LEVERANDØRER: Photographer:  Pepper Nix Photography //Cinema and Video:31 Films //Floral Designer: Decoration Inc. //Dress Store:Ivory Bridal Atelier //Dress Designer: Lazaro // Invitation Designer: Nine-Grain Design //Makeup Artist: Signaturebrides //Event Planner: Soiree Productions //Caterer: St. Regis Deer Valley in Park City UT //Reception Venue: St. Regis Deer Valley in Park City UT //Band: Texas Unlimited Band