We always love a wedding outside the most traditional season, and a fall wedding from the mountains is always welcome in. Pepper Nix Photography captured yet again all the beauty this September day, when Sierrra & Andrew celebrated their love, at Stein Eriksen Lodge, whom many know as a norwegian olympic champion in alpine ski racing.

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Jedriewski_Galbraith_Pepper_Nix_Photography_13400733_lowJedriewski_Galbraith_Pepper_Nix_Photography_13400738_low Jedriewski_Galbraith_Pepper_Nix_Photography_13400741_lowJedriewski_Galbraith_Pepper_Nix_Photography_13400815_lowJedriewski_Galbraith_Pepper_Nix_Photography_13400605_low Jedriewski_Galbraith_Pepper_Nix_Photography_13400850_low Jedriewski_Galbraith_Pepper_Nix_Photography_13400420_lowJedriewski_Galbraith_Pepper_Nix_Photography_13400856_lowJedriewski_Galbraith_Pepper_Nix_Photography_13400802_lowJedriewski_Galbraith_Pepper_Nix_Photography_13400862_lowJedriewski_Galbraith_Pepper_Nix_Photography_13400948_lowJedriewski_Galbraith_Pepper_Nix_Photography_13400916_lowJedriewski_Galbraith_Pepper_Nix_Photography_13400901_lowJedriewski_Galbraith_Pepper_Nix_Photography_13401053_lowJedriewski_Galbraith_Pepper_Nix_Photography_13400910_lowJedriewski_Galbraith_Pepper_Nix_Photography_13400787_lowJedriewski_Galbraith_Pepper_Nix_Photography_13400987_low Jedriewski_Galbraith_Pepper_Nix_Photography_13401357_low Jedriewski_Galbraith_Pepper_Nix_Photography_13400967_low Jedriewski_Galbraith_Pepper_Nix_Photography_13401378_low Jedriewski_Galbraith_Pepper_Nix_Photography_13401577_low Jedriewski_Galbraith_Pepper_Nix_Photography_13401555_low

FROM THE BRIDE: It all started with the dress. I went into the bridal salon thinking I was going to get the traditional white gown but when I tried on the sandy blush color I fell in love. It was so different and not what I imagined for myself but once it was on I couldn’t imagine getting married in any other gown. After that was decided I wanted my hair and makeup to have a old hollywood feel that looked sexy, timeless and fun. Luckily between the bridal salon and hair and makeup stylist they captured what I was going for by helping create a look that achieved me to feel sexy, timeless and fun.

Did you do a First Look before the ceremony? If you did or if you didn’t have your groom see you in your dress before your ceremony, what influenced that decision and how do you feel about it now that the wedding is over? No I did not do a first look. My parents said that they remembered the moment they first saw each other while my mom was walking down the isle as my father waited at the altar. They said it was a priceless moment that you can only have once and it is worth saving. They were so convincing I decided to follow in their footsteps. Looking back now I would have done the first look before so we could get more photos. The groom had no patience and wanted to get to the cocktail hour so we missed out on capturing some photos of us.
Number of guests: 160
Favorite reception memory: I loved the first dance( the grooms favorite moment), but I also think it is a toss up between my fathers toast and my sisters. I have to say that I love that my sister gave me barbies. The same barbies that I had multiple barbie weddings with as a little girl.
Decor & Color: I wanted it to be rich and warm. I wanted the flowers to make a statement, they were lush, full and brought in the color and warmth of my favorite season, fall. I wanted it to look regal using a bronze gold as the base color and working from there. I wanted people to also feel the romance by using candles and amber uplighting to set the mood. Since my dress was blush my bridesmaid dresses were an accent color that highlighted my dress.
Where did you get the inspiration for your color palette and design? My favorite season is fall and I wanted to show the full array of colors that nature provides to us at this time of season. My favorite flower is the pink rose with orange red ends, that was a big inspiration for my colors.
First Dance Song: Ryan Bingham, The Weary Kind.
Favors/gifts for guests: Hanky’s
Why a Mountain Wedding? I have grown up in Utah my whole life, my best memories are the ones of me skiing, hiking, camping and spending time in Utah’s majestic mountains, not to mention they are a gorgeous backdrop. I have always wanted a mountain wedding since I was a little girl.
What was the weather like on your wedding day? It was on and off again rain. Mostly cloudy and slightly chilly.
What were some personal details you incorporated? We did a New Orleans parade style send off at the end of the night to the band playing Do whatcha wanna by rebirth Brass band while all of our guests waved hankys as we excited.
Who proposed marriage and how did that proposal happen? Andrew the Groom. He put the ring case open on the bathroom counter so when I walked in he followed me in and proposed there. He said he was going to do it on a vacation in St. Lucia but was to anxious to wait. He really has no patience but I loved it, it was so him.
Old, new, borrowed, blue – Did you follow that tradition and if so, what did you use? Blue: A robe and tank I wore while I got ready // New: Dress // Borrowed: A pin of my grandfathers // Old: My baby blessing bonnet that became my hanky
Moments you loved, cried, laughed or giggled at: I loved the first dance with my husband. I also loved all of the toasts. I surprised my father with one of my friends singing Fleetwood Mac Landslide Acoustical for our father daughter dance. It meant so much for me to do something for him after all he has done for me. I loved the send off I thought it was an original idea, my mother came up with.
What you would have done differently, if anything: Taken pictures before the ceremony.
Any advice you have for future brides? Take a moment to step back and take a mental picture of the night because it flies by
Where did you find your inspiration? From years of imagining my dream wedding
Your best memory? There were too many.
Three things you’re glad you did. The send off, surprising my father with the daddy daughter dance and that we had the ceremony outside
Anything you wish you hadn’t done? I wish I would have done the bouquet toss and garter toss. We forgot and ran out of time.
What was the best piece of wedding advice you got? Enjoy the day and don’t stress too much
Anything You wish you had known about sooner rather than later? That I forgot to put on my garter.
What is your very best advice to other mountain brides? Don’t worry about the weather.
The most unexpected event on our wedding day was: Rain.
If you knew then what you know now…? I would have gotten all the little things done sooner than later.

VENDORS: Photographer:  Pepper Nix Photography //Dress Store: Alta MODA Bridal //Dress Store: AMB // Cinema and Video: David Perry Films //Floral Designer: Decoration Inc. //Dress Store: Lily & Iris //Dress Designer: Monique Lhuillier //Dress Designer: Monique Lhuillier //Event Planner: Soiree Productions //Event Venue: Stein Eriksen Lodge //Invitation Designer: The Write Image // Makeup Artist: Versa Artistry