We are so delighted to feature this beautiful shoot from Paris in December. The stunning jewelry in this shoot is handmade by the wonderful and talented Michaela Römer. We believe this is the perfect accessories for the modern & unique brides out there. This collaboration was a match made in heaven with stunning dresses from Rime Arodaky, and photographed so so beautiful by the magnifique film photographer Greg Finck.

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FROM THE DESIGNER: All lovers dream of it: Creating this very special moment for this very special emotion… their wedding as a unique experience with memories, that will accompany them through their life together. After so many years creating designs, and individual jewels… lending precious pieces to so many styled shoots… there was still something missing in my personal puzzle… my own shooting with my very own ideas. Finally, I decided, that NOW would the right time to just do it. With this tangible goal, I started to create a new style, shared with and obtained ideas from good friends… and here it was… the plan for: „MoRe golden things“. As the last piece of making it come true, I found the film photographer Greg Finck to be the one who would be able to finally make it visible… and I think he did… I am thrilled to look at the results of much preparation and one perfect day in Paris with a perfect team.“

Campaign & Jewellery: Michaela Römer
Film Photographer: Greg Finck
Wedding Gown: Rime Arodaky
Model: Alizée Bonnet
Hair & Makeup: Trine Juel Lindblad
Calligraphy: Natalia Ried

Campaign & Jewellery @michaelaroemer
Film Photographer @gregfinck
Wedding Gown @rimearodaky
Model @alizeebnt_
Hair & Makeup @trinejuel
Calligraphy @milia_ink