Fra vakre Italia kommer her brudeinspirasjon for både destinasjonsbruder og kommende bruder. Fotografert av Federico Lanuto Photography. Italia stjeler en bit av våre hjerter hver gang vi får et glimt derfra.

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“Abruzzo, scenery lovers.

We are happy to tell you about this wonderful day of simple things and elegance. Our life is a project that starts with marriage and continues with the more important events and that gives meaning to our existence. We are looking for a special person, which can make us happy and with whom to share all of our thoughts.
With this series of shots, from the style a bit rustic but very chic, we wanted to imagine the bride and groom what will be an unforgettable day in one of the most beautiful Italian regions: Abruzzo.

Along the Trabocchi Coast, with the scent of brooms in the air, by a clear and wild sea, Villa Estea rises. An ancient hunting lodge Which belonged to the D’Avalos family and dates back to the early twentieth century, Villa Estea has today become a charming residence perfect to celebrate all your special events, thanks to renovation works which paid attention to every single detail. Nature, design and tradition here blend to create a magic and fascinating atmosphere. Surrounded by a breathtaking view, discovering the secret spots of the garden of the Villa, you will be inebriated by the scent of the roses Which color it.

Monica and Matteo were the protagonists ! Shy at first, but always very good at helping the success of a photo shoot that can be an inspiration for those who choose our territories and our traditions .

With love , Federico”


Photographer: Federico Lanuto Photography 
Make up: Estetica Camel
Venue: Villa Estea 
Wedding Planner: Krea Eventi
Groom suit: Marisa Spose
Wedding dress: Marisa Spose
Hair: Pina Studio Line
Flower design: Top Flora