Sommerlig og friskt hagebryllup fra Danmark av flinke 2 Brides Photography. Brudgommen fridde på Manhattan, og bryllupet stod i Danmark 1. august i fjor. Brudeparet ønsket et enkelt, klassisk og tidløst bryllup og det fikk de. Bruden har laget mye selv, og den vakre kjolen er fra Anne Palland.

Summer wedding in Als, Denmark Aug 1st 2015lene-michael-004lene-michael-030lene-michael-011lene-michael-026Summer wedding in Als, Denmark Aug 1st 2015 Summer wedding in Als, Denmark Aug 1st 2015Summer wedding in Als, Denmark Aug 1st 2015 Summer wedding in Als, Denmark Aug 1st 2015Summer wedding in Als, Denmark Aug 1st 2015Summer wedding in Als, Denmark Aug 1st 2015Summer wedding in Als, Denmark Aug 1st 2015Summer wedding in Als, Denmark Aug 1st 2015lene-michael-140 lene-michael-161lene-michael-156lene-michael-123 Summer wedding in Als, Denmark Aug 1st 2015lene-michael-133 lene-michael-143Summer wedding in Als, Denmark Aug 1st 2015lene-michael-167lene-michael-152Summer wedding in Als, Denmark Aug 1st 2015 Summer wedding in Als, Denmark Aug 1st 2015lene-michael-016Summer wedding in Als, Denmark Aug 1st 2015lene-michael-148lene-michael-186lene-michael-173lene-michael-183 lene-michael-184 lene-michael-188


Planner? Mainly the Bride. But oh did the Groom make some surprises to the plan!

Your Proposal Story? It was the summer in 2013. We were on vacation on Manhattan, New York. I love long walks and my at that time soon to be fiancée loves me – so – in the late afternoon we went for a long walk down the busy streets of Manhattan. The weather was beautiful and we chatted and had fun, however it seemed like the Groom was busy texting his best friend all the time – he had seen him just few hours before, so I did not really understand why he could not just enjoy the moment – with me. Well we walked and walked. Did you know that green spots on southern Manhattan mainly are private areas? And some areas on south-east, are not meant for romantic tourist tours? Well now we know – so after walking like what felt for a long long time, Michael stopped at a rustic old white stair right next to a container filled with building materials. He asked me to take a seat at the rusty stair, because he had something he wanted to ask me. And I guess you know what that question was… Btw. the endless texting done by the groom at this fantastic walk, showed to be the best friend (and later Best Man) asking “So did you ask her yet?” And the Groom answering “Haven’t found the perfect spot…”. Do I need to say that I forgave him for that lack of attention towards me at our walk?

The mother of the groom arranged several musical surprises as singer and entertainer “Thomas Eje” sang “Raise Me Up” at the church ceremony. Some special friends of the Bride arranged the fun and very special Scottish Bagpipe! What a fun idea when leaving the formal and very emotional church ceremony. The reception music was most amazingly played by my high school friend Herbert Boersma on violin and Kirstine Elise Pedersen on cello. The groom planned a big surprise which he presented in his speech – firework show! Mother in law also had a surprise in her speech. A song by Lucas Graham which has a very special meaning to the Bride and Groom. The song was delivered by one of the talented band members of “A Celebration” who held the dance floor packed later in the evening.

Your First Dance? Traditional Danish wedding waltz.

What was your favorite moment of your wedding day? We simply cannot choose from all those lovely moments! Everything was amazing and so much more than we could ever have imagined. But the church ceremony was something that is very special in both of our hearts.

What was the funniest moment of your day? When we saw the bagpipe musician after the ceremony! So unexpected but perfectly informal after an emotionalceremony and to accompany our getaway scene in a Smart!

How did your wedding day / theme represent you both? Both of us love the classical and minimalistic design. Simplicity but quality was the main theme! All of the elements together made it formal, classy but casual and fun at the same time! Priceless.

Any challenges or triumphs? Tons of triumphs! And if there were any challenges we didn’t notice those! The venue did a magnificent job to make everything run smoothly.

One tip you could give to other couples? Make a plan, toss it away and let go! But actually to you brides out there – I got a fantastic tip by our Priest. Normally I get very emotional – and yes tears could possibly be involved in the ceremony! I mentally prepared the entire ceremony from waiting for the doors to open, walking down the aisle, the ceremony and the walk out. And the best part of that – my make-up had no tear-marks afterwards!

VENDORS: Photographer: 2 Brides Photography // Gown: Anne Palland // Shoes: Shoes of Prey, Australia // Hair & Make-Up: Stylist, Mick Bengtsson, Swag by Mick B, Copenhagen // Suit and tuxedo: Hugo Boss and Eduard Dressler // Shoes: Lloyd // Cake: Bjørn the local amazing cake creator at Fakkelgaarden // Wedding Venue: Fakkelgaarden // Stationery & Favours: The Bride // Music Reception: Klassisk Musiker