Romantisk bryllup med utevielse i Sverige, fotografert av dyktige David Schreiner. Maria er fra Brasil, og Lucas er halvyt svensk og vokst opp i Sverige og London. Paret bor til daglig i London, men valgte å feire kjærligheten i Sverige. www.davidschreiner.comwww.davidschreiner.comRubrik

FROM THE COUPLE: Lucas is half Swedish and grew up in Sweden and the UK and Mariana is from Brazil and came to Europe a few years ago. We met in London and fell in love. We got legally married in Sweden in April 2015 and are now having our proper wedding in August to celebrate with our family and friends. We are currently living in London.

Bride – describe your husband: Lucas is very charismatic, fun and his smile was what caught my eye since the first time we met.

Groom – describe your wife: Mariana is very sweet, loving and warm hearted. She is my best friend.

What are your biggest interests? Books, films, music, traveling, feeling older than our years.

VENDORS: Photographer: David Schreiner // Wedding: DIY