Island er et land som trollbinder både fra avstand og nært hold. Det er et yndet sted og land for fotografer, og for de som ønsker å knytte landskap og kjærlighet sammen. Kanskje fordi den råe, nakne naturen, fremhever det som er ekte, sterkt og selve livet. Uansett årsaker til å la seg fange av mystiske og spektakulære Island, så vet vi alltid at de gir unike bilder. Maja og Patrisck sitt intime bryllup er intet unntak. Fanget like unikt av M & J Studios.

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FROM THE COUPLE: We fell in love with Iceland for its romantic melancholy scenery – and its neutrality: with our families being spread all over the world (in China, Germany and the UK) it was impossible to include everybody, so a private wedding followed by receptions seemed the fairest way. Plus, this way we got to follow the wedding with the honeymoon right away! Iceland turned out to be the perfect destination – so much more breathtaking in person, every turn of the road brought us to new, spectacular views. In fact we were so enarmoured we drove 800km over the two wedding days ever in search of new vistas (which Mait so beautifully captured!) and we already can’t wait to go back. We chose Iceland because we just loved the unearthly, dramatic landscapes, and because being multi-racial, our families are spread all over the globe… and we decided to have the wedding private, with local receptions to follow as a way to not exclude anyone.

FROM THE PHOTOGRAPHER: First thing what comes up in my mind when thinking about Maja and Patrick are they were just so brave! Iceland is a magical natural wonder out of this world, it can take your breath away in every corner but will put you in a test as well. We agreed right away if in case it’s rainy and too windy we will keep the second day as a back-up. The wedding day was so fiercely windy, like nothing I have felt before and when looking back to those photos I truly think Maja and Patrick are one of the bravest couples I’ve ever had. We really fought with the weather, my lenses were constantly full of black sand and it was hard to move on the beach. But, it was so rewarding to see the most happy faces when we ended up on the iceberg fields so called “ice lagoon” in the end of our first day.We drove more than 800km in two days in southern part of Iceland. After every corner the veil of dreams was lifted and we thought this is the mother of core beauty of all. Raw, clean, pure, you feel so small in it that it must be one of the most magical places to get married on earth. Mostly we were just improvising, exploring new places and places I’ve been before, not in a hurry, just enjoying it all despite the weather. Memorable days to remember forever. I’m so happy that I was able to be there with you, Maja and Patrick.

Photographer: M & J Studios
Dress: Rami Kadi
Flowers: Local recommended by the AirBnB owner
Shoes and booties: Vivienne Wstwood
Groom: Hugo Boss
Grooms Shoes: Ted Baker