Stunning surroundings and nature is the backdrop of this stylish and romantic elopement. Love the color scheme, oh and the Hayley Paige dress! It just complements the colors in nature so smooth and so elegant. This is how it looks when love meets the magic of our mother nature in Alberta. Captured beautifully by Milton Photography.

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FROM THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Weddings at the heart of it, are most importantly about the bond between two people who are about to embark on of their greatest adventure of their lives. It isn’t about a fancy venue, a big bridal party, or a ten tier cake. Sometimes, the simplest weddings are the most beautiful. When you realize all you need is the person you love, standing next to you. That is the real beauty. With the desire to be truly present with one another during your vows. No distractions from friends or family. Our couple decided to elope and be truly present for their special day. They hoped for an intimate and carefree ceremony, with their only distractions being the sounds of nature. For the overall design, we allowed nature to choose the colours and tones for their wedding day. Drawing inspiration from the beautiful mountains of Canmore, Alberta and the turquoise river, the florals displayed a lovely combination of creams, ivories greens, and accents of dusty rose and sandy tones.

CREATIVE TEAM AND VENDORS: Photographer: Milton Photography // Floral Designer: Amy Sanderson // Event Designer: Birds & Honey // Dress Store: Delica Bridal // Dress Designer: Hayley Paige // Heirlooms and extras: Stella Wolfe // Other: The Mrs Box // Beauty: The pretty Haus // Calligrapher: The Weekend Type