This gorgeous couple from UK decided to take their vows to a lovely church in the city of Jerusalem. This bride wore a stunning gown from Ellis Bridal and we love this romantic, touching and intimate wedding, photographed so beautifully by Sigala Photography. This wedding is all about the emotions and love shining through in their images.

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FROM THE BRIDE: Deciding to get married in a foreign country was always going to be somewhat challenging. After getting engaged in Jerusalem in November 2014 we had talked about getting married in Israel but thought it was too impractical so started making plans to wed in the UK. We took a look a few venues but nothing seemed to click. A friend knew one of the vicars at Christ Church in Jerusalem and when he agreed to marry us it all seemed to fall into place! We started making plans and came back to Jerusalem one rainy weekend in January to get everything booked.

We arrived in Israel a few days before our wedding to finalise the last minute details and we took our family and friends on a tour of the old city the day before the wedding. Unfortunately the day of the wedding was very rainy and windy. Thankfully it didn’t rain as we were travelling to the church but the wind nearly pulled my chapel-length veil out of my hair!

Alex and I are very much in love and have waited a long time to find each other so we both knew that our wedding day would be very emotional. I was fighting back the tears several times as I was getting ready and when I started walking up the aisle I just couldn’t keep them back. Alex was crying too, in fact I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house!

Band: Jacks of Diamond. We first heard this band playing in the Shuk in November. They were like an Israeli version of Mumford and Sons and they got everyone dancing! We didn’t know what they were called but when we were in Jerusalem in January we tried to find them again by going back to the bar that they were playing at in November. The bar owner got their number for us and then half an hour later he came over to us and said, you won’t believe it, but the band are setting up at a bar round the corner! So we spoke with them and booked them then and there.

Dress designer: My dress was Angelina in Blush by Ellis Bridals. When I was a young woman I imagined having a classic dress with a large tulle skirt, and when I tried this dress on, I instantly knew that this was the one. I never imagined i’d chose a dress with such a large train, and it got absolutely filthy when we walked around the old city, but I absolutely loved it. In my hair I wore an elaborate beaded comb by Richard Designs that had small pink and ivory flowers that matched my dress.

Shoes: A pair I bought when I was maid of honour for my sister’s wedding a few years ago, I hadn’t worn them much and they were the perfect height for my dress. I find it hard to find comfortable heels so I was more than happy to use this pair.

Florals: Abra Morgenstern

Rings/Jewelry: My wedding ring was hand made by Karin Whitaker of Karosa Jewellery. It is a simple battered 3mm ring in 18 carat gold. I also wore simple studs and a tiny gold pendant.

Church: Christ Church in Jaffa Gate.

Reception Venue: Nafoura Restaurant in Jaffa Gate. This venue was recommended by a friend and the owner Raed Hawileh was extremely accommodating for all of our requests. We had the whole restaurant to ourselves. We had planned to have the reception in the courtyard around a fountain with the old city wall on one side and orange trees on the other but unfortunately the weather was unseasonably cold and wet and we ended up having to have the reception inside. It didn’t spoil the day though and Raed and his team looked after us really well.

Hair and make up by the fabulous Cassy Avraham. It was actually Alex that found both Cassy and Yehoshua on Facebook! I loved Cassy’s style and instantly knew that she would be able to translate my ideas into reality. She was incredibly communicative and when we met in January to discuss everything, she completely ‘got’ the look I wanted. She’s also a wonderful person. I really enjoyed getting to know her, and her calm and gentle presence was just what was needed on the morning of the wedding.

Photography: We loved the look of Yehoshua’s work as it looked so natural and unforced. We booked him and when I saw the photographs he had taken of Cassy’s wedding, I knew that we’d made the right choice. He’d taken this stunning picture of them kissing under the Chuppah – it perfectly captured the joy and love of the moment. Although we hadn’t met, his communication was excellent and we felt very comfortable with all of the arrangements. We had our engagement shoot in the Old City a couple of days before the wedding. Yehoshua was great at directing us and finding the perfect spots for photographs.

Best memories of the day: Although I was very emotional as I was getting ready, the anticipation was incredible. One of my most poignant memories was standing at the back of the church and hearing the opening piano chords as I started to walk down the aisle to the love of my life.

Tips to other couples: Its very hard not to, but try not to get too worried about everything. It will all work out and the important thing is that the two of you are getting married, nothing else matters. My sister gave me a great tip which was to take mental snapshots throughout the day to help you remember everything but sadly I forgot to do this!

Photographer: Sigala Photography
Hair and Make-up: Cassy Avraham
Dress: Ellis Bridals
Wedding Band: Karosa Jewellery
Florals: Abra Morgenstern
Band: Jacks of Diamond
Ceremony/Church: Christ Church
Reception Venue: Nafoura Restaurant