Nordisk brudeinspirasjon fra Nederland ble det da, nederlandske kreative sjeler bestemete seg for å lage stylet brudeshoot i Norge. Madame Poppy fanget det hele som Best Day Ever Events hadde stylet og satt sammen. Nydelig kjole spesialdesignet for anledningen fra Unielle Couture.

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FRA STYLISTEN: It was really something to have photoshoot in Norway. The roads are covered with snow and there aren’t so many vendors to work with. It was quite a journey finding the model, finding the right spot, getting the flowers and make up artist on time. But we did it! And the results are really amazing, it really was an artic adventure.


Photographer: Madame Poppy
Dress: Unielle Couture 
MUAH: Bruid & Beauty Almere 
Organisation and styling: BEST DAY EVER Events
Florist and organisation: Bryllupsplanlegger Karianne Elise Almås
Cake: Sugarlips Cakes
Stationery: The Sparkle Company
Model: Mari Båtnes Birkeland