We are so proud and excited to present the images from our first shoot from our amazing  workshop in Eidfjord, Norway! This is the breathtaking images by our speakers and teachers; Nina & Wes Photography during these wonderful and epic workshop days between mountains and fjords. The forces of nature brought us all kinds of weather, but when working with gifted talents and high end quality photographers you just let the weather challenges make the outcome even more magical. Working with nature is the best we can do while living in Scandinavia, where seasons can change multiple times during one day. So many weddings experience rain, fog and misty weathers, and it is a delight to showcase that no matter sunshine or rain, beauty will always be the end result. This misty morning beauty is captured by the gifted couple and partners in life Nina & Wes.

We had the pleasure of bringing along Hawwa Make Up from Stavanger, to make our beautiful models even more stunning. She flawlessly nailed every look and hair style. For this shoot we designed a chocolate brown tulle skirt, and a blush top with a simple cut. Colors were chosen to complement the colors of surrounding nature. This bridal look is to inspire those who seek an effortless look with a touch of modern bridal fashion. The groom is also laid back and styled to fit into a bridal elopement that is all about the couple and their love story. Bridal bouquet made by Lisa – NWM to supplement the colors of the bride, and again; nature. Thank you to all the wonderful people making this workshop a true adventure!

Espen&UnaRain_028Espen&UnaRain_026 Espen&UnaRain_030Espen&UnaRain_004Espen&UnaRain_043 Espen&UnaRain_045Espen&UnaRain_006Espen&UnaRain_029Espen&UnaRain_020Espen&UnaRain_023Espen&UnaRain_021Espen&UnaRain_031Espen&UnaRain_042Espen&UnaRain_034Espen&UnaRain_017Espen&UnaRain_002Espen&UnaRain_016Espen&UnaRain_024Espen&UnaRain_047Espen&UnaRain_046Espen&UnaRain_032Espen&UnaRain_044Espen&UnaRain_003Espen&UnaRain_018Espen&UnaRain_007Espen&UnaRain_025Espen&UnaRain_015Espen&UnaRain_001


Photography teachers: Nina & Wes
Concept & Styling: Lisa – Norwegian Wedding Magazine
Dress: Lisa – Norwegian Wedding Magazine and handmade by @tinainordberg
Shoes & Jewelry: Lisa – Norwegian Wedding Magazine
Groom: Lisa – Norwegian Wedding Magazine
Flowers & bouquet: Lisa Norwegian Wedding Magazine
Hair and make up: Hawwa Makeup
Models: @unadure and @espen_kroll 

Food and accommodations during workshop: Quality Hotel Vøringfoss

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