We are so proud and excited to present these beautiful images from our traditional norwegian wedding shoot, that took place in Eidfjord, Norway! This is the stunning images by our speakers and teachers; Nina & Wes Photography during these wonderful and epic workshop days between mountains and fjords. The norwegian weather even blessed us with some streams of sunlight, and everything was perfect to showcase the views, nature and the details of this traditional handcrafted norwegian costumes called bunad. Nina & Wes really brought out the beauty of this heritage of Norway. This is a bridal bunad from Hardanger. In other areas of Norway there are other designs and colors for the traditional bridal costume. These bridal costumes are usually rented from family, family heirlooms or rented at the local communes. We got these from Eidfjord kommune.

We asked Hawwa Make Up to give our models a more natural look alongside wavy and loose hair. We hope to inspire more brides and couples in Scandinavia to wear their traditional bridal costume if  they have the opportunity to do so. Thank you to all the wonderful people making this workshop a true and memorable adventure!

Espen&UnaBunad_054Espen&UnaBunad_018Espen&UnaBunad_035Espen&UnaBunad_017Espen&UnaBunad_002Espen&UnaBunad_022EidfjordLandscapes_021Espen&UnaBunad_034Espen&UnaBunad_061Espen&UnaBunad_037 Espen&UnaBunad_025Espen&UnaBunad_004EidfjordLandscapes_027Espen&UnaBunad_023Espen&UnaBunad_045Espen&UnaBunad_057Espen&UnaBunad_053EidfjordLandscapes_016Espen&UnaBunad_084Espen&UnaBunad_012Espen&UnaBunad_038Espen&UnaBunad_042Espen&UnaBunad_040Elin&OskarBeach_009Espen&UnaBunad_073Espen&UnaBunad_016Espen&UnaBunad_027 Espen&UnaBunad_052Espen&UnaBunad_031 Espen&UnaBunad_020Espen&UnaBunad_029Espen&UnaBunad_083EidfjordLandscapes_017Espen&UnaBunad_013Espen&UnaBunad_072Espen&UnaBunad_077EidfjordLandscapes_015Espen&UnaBunad_070Espen&UnaBunad_021EidfjordLandscapes_023Espen&UnaBunad_056EidfjordLandscapes_004Espen&UnaBunad_030Espen&UnaBunad_050Espen&UnaBunad_007Espen&UnaBunad_075Espen&UnaBunad_058Espen&UnaBunad_001Espen&UnaBunad_033


Photography teachers: Nina & Wes
Concept & Styling: Lisa – Norwegian Wedding Magazine
Bunad Bride & groom: Eidfjord kommune – styled by @tinainordberg and Lisa NWM
Shoes & Jewelry: Norwegian Wedding Magazine
Hair and make up: Hawwa Makeup
Models: @unadure and @espen_kroll 

Food and accommodations during workshop: Quality Hotel Vøringfoss

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