Love found. Love lost. Love is personal, and leave us changed. Forever. Sometimes you know right away, and sometimes you have to let go. For some life happens and you get lost. Passion, lust and love are oh so different, and when you know maybe it’s too late. We know all kinds of love matter, and we love sharing your stories from your love shoots to your wedding day. It inspires others to wait, to look for, to believe – believe in true love. Believe you matter, believe you are loved, believe you will be loved, believe you deserve love, believe your love can make a difference in someones life. Don’t let your love slip away, keep it, treasure it, celebrate it, fight for it, and never ever let it slip away. Love changes and lovers change. Promise to change with it. The sad love stories make great stories, but it is the happy ones you want to live. Live your happy ending. Love is free, love is for all. The weak, the strong, the young and old. Love is beautiful in every glorious way; the sad, the happy. As long as you have loved, you win. Love is never wasted, even if it’s for a brief moment of time. Find your lighthouse and stay there.

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