It is an honour and such a delight to finally show the images from our Northern Dreams Workshop, and this beautiful selection is captured by the amazing Ingvild Kolnes.

We had such lovely days at the magical Hoel Gård, together with the most wonderful group of warm, generous and genuine people. I am forever grateful to work alongside so much creativity and heart, while making beautiful memories to last a lifetime.

Thank you to the lovely Ieva at Hawwa Make Up for making our gorgeous models even more gorgeous. Beautiful flowers and bouquets made by the incredible Ina at Eucalyptus. Delicious and beautiful cake from Lilletorget kafe, the great speakers Elizabeth & Koby Brown, and last but not least gorgeous dresses from the norwegian designer Cecilie Melli.

(See full vendor – and creditlist at the end of the post.)

ingvild-kolnes-northern-dreams-17-of-50ingvild-kolnes-northern-dreams-18-of-50 ingvild-kolnes-northern-dreams-21-of-50 ingvild-kolnes-northern-dreams-26-of-50 ingvild-kolnes-northern-dreams-19-of-50 ingvild-kolnes-northern-dreams-16-of-50ingvild-kolnes-northern-dreams-2-of-50ingvild-kolnes-northern-dreams-3-of-50ingvild-kolnes-northern-dreams-1-of-50 ingvild-kolnes-northern-dreams-7-of-50ingvild-kolnes-northern-dreams-8-of-50 ingvild-kolnes-northern-dreams-11-of-50 ingvild-kolnes-northern-dreams-12-of-50 ingvild-kolnes-northern-dreams-14-of-50ingvild-kolnes-northern-dreams-29-of-50ingvild-kolnes-northern-dreams-31-of-50ingvild-kolnes-northern-dreams-28-of-50ingvild-kolnes-northern-dreams-27-of-50 ingvild-kolnes-northern-dreams-5-of-50ingvild-kolnes-northern-dreams-33-of-50ingvild-kolnes-northern-dreams-41-of-50ingvild-kolnes-northern-dreams-34-of-50ingvild-kolnes-northern-dreams-39-of-50ingvild-kolnes-northern-dreams-45-of-50ingvild-kolnes-northern-dreams-46-of-50ingvild-kolnes-northern-dreams-42-of-50ingvild-kolnes-northern-dreams-48-of-50ingvild-kolnes-northern-dreams-40-of-50


Editor, Stylist & Workshop Hostess: Norwegian Wedding Magazine
Photographers, Speakers: Koby & Elizabeth Brown, Koby Brown
Gown Designer: Cecilie Melli
Headpiece: Jannie Baltzer
Floral Artist: Eucalyptus
Hair & Make Up: Hawwa Make Up
Cake: Kafè Lilletorvet
Blue dress: Adorned Rentals grey tweed jacket (groom): Koby Brown
Wardrobe & shoes: Norwegian Wedding Magazine
Models; Anton Lundgren, Sigrid Eriksen, Jannike Berg
Location & Bentley: Hoel Gård

A big thank you to  our sponsors of Northern Dreams Workshop: Richard Photo Lab and Trillo & Sons Leather Co.

Ingvild KolnesHoel Gård, Hawwa Make Up, Archetype and Eucalyptus are selected vendors in our wedding directory The Notebook.