Nydelig eksotisk bryllup fra Trinidad får prude denne bloggposten i desember. Danielle & Dwayne har delt sin historie med oss, som du kan lese nederst i bloggposten. Dyktige Tone Tvedt traff bruden for første gang da de begge bodde i Pakistan pga fedrenes jobb i 1998 – og har holdt kontakten siden. Danielle var derfor aldri i tvil om at det var nettopp Tone som skulle fotografere bryllupet og kjærligheten deres. Fantastisk stilig brudepar, deilige farger og slående vakre omgivelser og stemning er stikkord.

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FROM THE COUPLE: Dwayne and I were married at a small church ceremony on Friday March 18th, followed by a champagne toast at my aunt’s house in our neighborhood of Petit Valley in western Trinidad. Our reception was held the next day at my grandmother’s home, called C’est La Vie, on Monos Island. We tried to keep it as intimate as possible, a feat in and of itself considering that both of our families are huge – my mother alone has 11 brothers and sisters.Our wedding had the hallmark of a family affair, with personal touches from all the closest people in our lives: my veil was made from pieces of my Christening dress that my mother saved from when I was a baby, and my aunt made and decorated our whimsical little carrot cake. One of my bridesmaids put together a beautiful bouquet for me, tropical and organically-shaped, from flowers and foliage she foraged from the garden, and the DJ was one of Dwayne’s friends. My cousin catered,and I had two maids of honour, with one officiating at our reception, and the other acting as witness and as my hair stylist. One of Dwayne’s old roommates and a close colleague in the local MMA world helped us out tremendously by gifting us our invitations – a simple postcard image of our venue“down the islands” on recycled paper.

Our reception was styled as a vintage bohemian garden party, and we asked our wedding designer, Robert Solomon, to create a subtle testament to our travels by using some of our families’personal effects from our time overseas – burnished Moroccan lanterns, brass Turkish tea sets,antique books, Pakistani rugs and Indonesian statues. As the sun set and the natural light failed, thejetty, garden and wooden deck was awash with soft ambient light strewn around the property. With the sea and the moon, the mood was pure romance.The day began perfectly with a dip in the sea with Dwayne, and one of my favourite memories was getting dressed with all of my best friends from around the world, in my grandmother’s bedroom,reminiscing about how each of us met and toasting to their best wishes for my future with Dwayne.There were so many laughs, and a few tears. Dwayne says his favourite memory is when the day ended just as perfectly as it began – with cake (and a little too much) bubbles – the happiness waspalpable. We were having so much fun that we almost forgot to give our guests their favours as they trooped onto the ferry taking them back to the mainland – chocolate bark made by local chocolatierIsabel Brash, of Cocobel chocolate. Beans from Trinidad and Tobago are world renowned and prized for their fine quality, and she infused them with local, vibrant produce like sorrel, ginger, pineapple and cocoa nibs.

At our reception on the island, I wore a floor length champagne Gretta Tulle skirt fromAlexandra Grecco New York, and my bridesmaids all wore her knee-length Gretta Tulle skirts in colours like dusty blue, pale grey and seafoam. I gave them free reign on the tops and shoes they wore, and my top was made by local designer Monica Bishop. My shoes were floral pumps from Menbur, and to the church ceremony, I wore a cotton dress made in India from Free People. Dwayne and his groomsmen were dressed by local designer Ecliff Elie.

Our Do’s:

– Hire a photographer who is versatile – one who can match your style and evoke the feeling you want to convey in your professional photos. I first met our photographer, Tone Tvedt, in 1998, when we were both living in Pakistan (due to our fathers’ jobs) and attending the International School of Islamabad. We quickly became close friends, and since then have always kept in touch – she’s the ultimate travel buddy! I went to Norway to be a part of her wedding, and she was always going to be a part of our special day. Our vibes have always meshed, and having known each other for almost two decades, Dwayne and I couldn’t go wrong with choosing someone whose hopes for our future together are almost as grand as our own.
– There comes a certain point where you realize that you have to let go of the reins and surrender to the moment. Some things are just out of your control, and when you accept this,you allow what can become some of your fondest memories the chance to happen.
– Do a makeup (and hair) trial, especially if you’ll be getting ready at an out of the way location like we did. In this way, your vendors know what they need to walk with, and there are noon-the-day surprises. You can hash out what you like and don’t like beforehand, and share your wedding day inspiration to give them an idea of what you want. This is also not the dayto completely revamp your look with a makeover – you want to enhance your natural features, not look completely different.
– If your friends are willing, employ their talents! One of Dwayne’s clients, and our good friendRobert Solomon, is also an event designer and insisted that no one else be allowed to do the wedding. When all was said and done, I can’t imagine anyone else doing as wonderful a job in executing and bringing our vision to fruition. Who better to pull it all off than someone who knows you intimately?-Know how and when to say no.- Listen to all the well-meaning advice, but you’re well within your rights to just say “no, that’s not for me.”

Our dont’s:

– You want to remember your day – don’t drink too much, and hydrate! Don’t take every drink given to you, especially if your friends are as devious as mine – they kept hiding my water!

– Don’t forgo a DJ if you want to have a great party – he or she has to know how to read the crowd and know when to play what. It’s an art!

– A cliche, but don’t stress. It will all come together, and even if something doesn’t happen the way you want it to, no one except you will know or even notice. In the grand scheme of things, when it’s all over, you’ll be surprised at how much you don’t care that you forgot to toss the bouquet, or that you couldn’t get an arch made like the one on your Pinterest board.

– Don’t try to do it all. Have someone available to take care of all the details on the day itself. You can’t run around in your dress to see about decor and guests and caterers and DJ’s and bars and transportation and all the myriad things that are happening all at the same time. You may end up overlooking some major details, not to mention that you’ll probably have to reapply your makeup. The goal of the day is to be as stress-free as possible.


Tone Tvedt finner du blant våre dyktige og unike bryllupsfotografer i vår online bryllupsguide The Notebook.