Such a lovely destination wedding from Granada in Spain. A true DIY wedding by the two Londoners who decided to celebrate their love under the spanish sun. They organized, designed and prepared all the wedding to do a rustic outdoor chic wedding. Stationery, props, and even the cake was all done by the family. The talented Jesús Caballero Photography who is one of our selected wedding photographers in The Notebook, captured all the love.


The dress

To reflect the feel of our wedding – fun and romantic, I wanted the dress to reflect this too. I also knew that early September was going to be very hot so I wanted something light but still detailed to wear. I came across a lovely boutique in London who were showcasing designs by Anna Campbell. Anna Campbell’s dresses are stunning and after only seeing a couple of dresses, I decided on the Thalia design, which fit the feel of our wedding perfectly.


Makeup, hair and dress

I’ll admit I didn’t realise how much brides prioritise makeup and hair until the very late stages of planning and I was so lucky to find out about Flossy and Leigh by finding a list of best makeup and hair artists online. Luckily they were available on the date and I booked a trial. I was not disappointed! Phoebe (co-owner of Flossy and Leigh), was so talented and oh-so-lovely. I remember being very nervous just before the ceremony and Phoebe was so fun and lovely I felt immediately relaxed. She was brilliant!

diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0014diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0021diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0010diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0027diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0024diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0027diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0029diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0023diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0019diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0035diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0037 diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0038 diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0042diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0060diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0043


One of the most important parts of the day for both of us, was the ceremony. We wanted the ceremony to reflect us as a couple and I had already been a big fan of Natasha Johnson’s blog (Engaged and Ready). Natasha helps couples shape their own ceremonies and we had a great experience. We were in contact mainly over email – it was really fun to plan and Natasha was so helpful! I wouldn’t change a thing about our ceremony – it was fun and very personal with lots of laughter and tears. Natasha was fantastic!


Food and Decorations

Food was a very big part of our Wedding and we hired Fiestasol to cater the wedding. The food was amazing – traditional Spanish Canapes, tapas and Paella for the meal and late night snacks for anyone who were still hungry! Fiestasol also decorated the evening area with lights above the pool and around the bar. We had beautiful flowers from a local florist who were so helpful and brilliant. Our table names were of sweets we love and Grahams mum made the table plan. We didn’t want the traditional male only speeches at the wedding, so the maid of honour, mother of the bride and bride all said something alongside the groom and bestmen.

We also had a sweet table around our wedding cake so people could help themselves – with scoops, sweetbags and sweet tubs. Our wedding cake was made up of cupcakes that our Family friend made and it was gorgeous.

We tried to plan a lot of the wedding where we could. We bought a lot of the alcohol from local supermarkets (which for an Irish Wedding was a lot). We also wanted a lot of personal touches for our guests. With the help of my bridesmaids (my best friends from school) we made decorations. We printed over 200 polaroids made up of pictures of me and Graham throughout our relationship, and also a photo of each of our guests (which took a while). We hung these around the venue on hessian string using mini pegs. We also had a welcome bag for each guest which included a map of the venue and outline of the day, sweets (to correspond with their table) and sunglasses that we had made with our name and the date. On the chairs at the ceremony we also made fan-programmes with pictures of me and Graham and fun facts about us to keep the guests entertained and cool! I don’t think I (or my bridemaids) realised how much time it would take to put together these personal touches – but it was so worth it and was a lot of fun in the build up! It also helped that my best friend is a graphic designer!


The wedding

Both Graham and I have never been a traditional couple, and we wanted our wedding to feel relaxed and fun, just like a big holiday for our closest friends and family. So it only seemed natural to have our wedding in Spain, a place that we have had brilliant holidays together as a couple (It doesn’t hurt that Graham can also speak fluent Spanish to liaise with the vendors)! We wanted our wedding to feel personal so we did the planning ourselves and had a lot of personal touches – the cake made by a family friend, decorations and welcome bags with the help of the bridal party and pictures of each of the guests!

I love weddings that really reflect the love the couple share together, and when we came across the Palacete de Cazulas online, the views were stunning and the venue, gorgeous! Definitely the romantic feel we were looking for. When we went to visit on a grey January day, it didn’t disappoint.

All in all our wedding day was exactly as we wanted it, a wedding that was personal, fun and relaxed. Everyone had a great time and even though some things never go as planned it really doesn’t matter on the day! We were so lucky to put together so much of our wedding with the help of our loved ones, but also had the most incredible vendors too!

diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0100diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0036diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0073 diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0043 diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0085diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0046diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0080diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0081diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0075 diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0072diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0078diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0024diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0092diy-rustic-chic-destination-wedding-spain-cazulas-palace-jesuscaballero-photographer_0098

Music is very important to us. I really love string quartets but also modern music and we came across a brilliant string quartet (Cuarteto Ganivet), who perform classical and modern music which was perfect. I’ll never forget walking into the ceremony whilst Kissing you by Des’ree played. We’re big into films and this was a song from a scene from Romeo and Juliet (but not too well known to be cheesy) and it was beautiful. The ceremony finished on a version of Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve which everyone loved and is one of our favourite songs. Cuarteto Ganivet played a selection of songs throughout the cocktail hour and were brilliant!


Once we had selected the venue it was very important to us that we were able to capture the day with beautiful photographs that we could share with everyone after and could look back on in amazement. We looked at photographers who were based in Spain, and one whom we spoke to recommended Jesus Caballero. We did not think we would be able to logistically hire an international photographer but when we looked at Jesus’ photos online, they were perfect so we couldn’t help but try. I’m so glad we did as Jesus made everything so exciting and easy (which is rare when you’re planning the wedding yourself). Everything was planned with excitement and his ideas were brilliant, whilst making sure to listen to what we wanted too. A lot of our other vendors were big fans of Jesus’ work and they were almost as excited as we were to meet him! We’re not used to having our photos taken (at least not without pulling silly faces) but Jesus was so warm and friendly it felt completely natural – and most of our photos were not posed – which we love!


Photographer: Jesus Caballero
Venue: Palacete de Cazulas 
Celebrant: Natasha Johnson 
Live Music: Cuarteto Ganivet
Latenight music: Speakers and microphones hired from Juan Manuel Alaminos Fajardo
Makeup and Hair (bride): Flossy & Leigh 
Hair (bridesmaids): Wedding Hair 
Makeup (bridesmaids): Sister in law (Kayleigh)
Caterers: Fiestasol 
Cake: Family friend
Flowers: Floristería Puerta de Granada-Almuñécar
Dress: Anna Campbell from Blackburn Bridal
Grooms suit: Kenneth Cole
Decorations: Part Fiestasol, part bridal party
Minibuses: Gonzamatis

 Jesús Caballero Photography is to be found as a selected wedding photographer in our wedding directory The Notebook.