It is the moments that fills our hearts with joy, love and all those good feelings. Sometimes it’s even so good it brings tears to our eyes. Tears of pure happiness, and other times because of a kind of sadness of a loss of a loved one. We have collected a group of photographs that capture those moments to cherish from a wedding day, that aren’t all staged up and smiles. Moments of life & love.


Photo by Nicola Ross Photography.

The bride and her sister having an emotional moment during the speeches. 


Photo by Photography By Costas.

This was the groom’s reaction as the bride walked down the aisle.


Photo by: John Shim


Photo by Mark Hillyer


Photo by: JAG Photography


Photo by


Photo by Paul Rowland


In this photo from Madalena Tavares Photography, the maid of honor is trying hard to hold back her tears, but can’t. The best man, of course, tries to blow her tears away.


Photo by: Dawn Derbyshire, a Pittsburgh wedding photographer

“The bride at this wedding left a chair next to her grandmother that was reserved for the bride’s grandfather and uncle who had passed away. The reserved seat was a surprise.”


Father & Daughter by Two Tone Studios

NWM moments

Moments captured with seconds apart, while waiting for the doors to open. Church servant says something funny to help looses the nerves, before brother leads his sister to her future husband. By eh photography.


Photo by Kat Braman

VonMaur Mall Masacre

Father and daughter dance by Eric Francis of Reality Wedding Photography.


First look by by Blue Ampersand Photography.


We love this super happy moment captured by Mathias Fast.

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” — Karl Lagerfeld


We love those moments that capture our hearts, so please submit your photograph of such a moment via our email. Title in subject is Moments. Send one photograph in 900 pixels width for both portrait and landscapes images. Every month we will have a collection of moments presented.


Some images and text via Moment Junkie.