Ah, how we just love this wedding, from magical Rennesøy. One of Norway’s most beautiful nature and surroundings. Love their personal style of the wedding and that rustic and authentic vibe, the amazing Damien Milan have captured so perfectly. And their tips for other couples; “Leave room for things to be different from what you had originally planned. Try to be as creative as possible with recycling things for your wedding, you save a lot of money that way! And invest in a good photographer! It’s so worth it! “

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Names: Talitha and Gunnar
Date: 01.07.17
Suburb/City and state of wedding: Rennesøy, Norway
Number of guests: 100

Favourite Memories: The whole day was more than we could have hoped for!! The Norwegians have incredible talents and creativity so the reception was full of skits, performances and lots of singing! Favourite memories include, my husband singing Jason Marz ‘i won’t give up’ to me after our vows, my Uncle performing as Elvis and singing ‘the wonder of you’ for our first dance. Eating tacos for dinner! The magical changing light in the greenhouse as the sun was setting, and then falling asleep in our glamping tents to our guests sitting around the campfire singing songs.

Tips for other couples: Leave room for things to be different from what you had originally planned. Try to be as creative as possible with recycling things for your wedding, you save a lot of money that way! and invest in a good photographer! It’s worth it!

Photographer Credit: Our photographer Damien Milan was outstanding!!! He stayed with us and our guests the night before the wedding and he fit in so well it was as though he was a guest himself! He was so fun to have around and he was relaxed and took so much care in the way he documented the whole day, and his results blew us away!! we laughed and cried as we looked through his photos. The way he captured the laughter from our guests you could almost hear it just by looking at the photo!

Photographer: Damien Milan
Event planner / Stylist: Did it myself
Florist: I picked some flowers from the garden and also bought some from a flower market and made them.
Stationery (invites, place cards, favour tags etc): i drew and painted the invites
Ceremony venue: Sørbø Kirke
Reception venue: Alchemilla Greenhouse 
Catering: Our friends prepared and served tacos to our guests
Cake: the wedding guests made the cakes for the wedding (norwegian tradition – kransekake)
Other desserts (slices, tarts, cookies etc): homemade from wedding guests
Cake topper: Made by the Groom’s mother
Decorative elements (bunting, straws, plates, balloons, garlands etc): I bought the lighting, bunting, dinosaurs and plants and styled and decorated the greenhouse the day before the wedding with the help of friends and family.
Wedding favours (business where favour was bought from… elements such as tags, jars, labels etc):
Prop or furniture hire (chairs, drink dispensers, tables, games etc): The venue provided secondhand or handmade furniture
Signage: handmade by me
Entertainment: my uncle performed as Elvis
Celebrant: One of my bridmemaid’s is also a priest so she married us: Kristin Heskje Engagement ring: See below
Brides wedding band: my husband orgiansed oak rings to be made for us, he proposed to me with these rings. They were carved from a piece of oak more than 3000 years old found in the bottom of a swamp in the region we live in Norway. The oak tree is a symbol of our marriage.
Grooms wedding band: See above
Transport: 1962 Volkswagen Beetle
Accomodation: Glamping tents set up around the Greenhouse: Ryfylke Glamping