NORWEGIAN WEDDING MAGAZINE ønsker med dette hjertelig velkommen til SCELTA DI CLASSE som utvalgt medlem i THE NOTEBOOK, i kategorien utvalgte BRYLLUPSPLANLEGGER. Her er et litt hva ELISA sier om seg selv og hva hun tilbyr innen tilrettelegging av ditt drømmebryllup i Italia:

“My name is Elisa, I am 36 years old, I live in Verona near Lake Garda. I love traveling and meeting people with whom I always try to keep in touch. I am a cheerful, dynamic and versatile person. I love animals, nature and elegance in all its forms. In my opinion, simple things possess the most beauty and sophistication.

I studied foreign languages and literature and this educational path stimulated my desire to travel and get to know different cultures even more, so that, during my studies, I started to work in the field of tourism. Scelta di Classe is an agency that organizes events and Weddings, it is based in Verona, which is located in the north of Italy near Lake Garda and Venice, and which is famous worldwide for being the backdrop of the love story of Romeo and Juliet, by the English playwright William Shakespeare.

My city and the surrounding area has much to offer to you: beautiful landscapes, history, music, a mild climate and delicious food and wine. All these ingredients combined can make for a truly unforgettable experience! Our team travels all over Italy in search of the perfect venue for you and your guests. Each area in my country has a lot to offer in terms of nature, history and cuisine. Let me give you an idea about Italy to help you in considering it as a setting for your Wedding or event:
Each and every region, city, or old town means a cultural tradition, as well as an extraordinary heritage of works of art and monuments, ensuring that Italy provides a dream setting for any event! Italy is famous for its beautiful towns, ancient stone villages and abbeys plunged into rich and verdant vegetation, and for its cities that still keep the charm of other eras intact. It is a place where you can feel the scent of history, and where crossroads of cultures have shaped its identity over the centuries. Italy is a land of great beauty and great stories.

Now just close your eyes, focus on yourself and your special event, and decide the landscape that suits best your personality and way of being. Our starting point is you, your wishes and dreams provide us with the inspiration to develop your Wedding plan together. We will be delicate and discreet, we will just stay by your side to recommend the best options based on our experience, without imposing anything on you. Everything will have to be fluid, natural, and reflect yourself; above all, you will need to feel comfortable with your choices. We love to be part of this fantastic journey by your side, as it gives us the chance to share our passion and to be moved and excited alongside you. We also love learning about new cultures and traditions that we can weave with Italian local traditions in order to create a one of a kind event.

Every Wedding is different from the other because each couple is different. Our job is to capture the essence of your soul and then process all the stages of the event, customizing it as much as possible, to make it reflect that essence. We will choose reliable partners together, ones who share with us the same goals: your happiness and satisfaction. If your choice settles upon Italy for your Wedding or event, and you decide to rely on us for its organization, rest assured that it will be a pleasure for us to have the opportunity to share this journey with you in order to create something unique and magical: your event.

For your convenience, we have created some customized packages containing what you need for the organization of your event in Italy. Send us an email with your requests and we will be glad to provide you with details of our offers.

I believe in love, always. Elisa”


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