For hvert eneste bryllup vi får fra vårt langstrakte land, blir vi påminnet om vår vakre natur; ikke minst vakre omgivelser og steder å feire bryllup. June og Jonathan feiret kjærligheten på Drivhuset  bærheim i Stavanger omgitt av venner og familie. Fantastiske Esther – Gabe Fine Art Photography var de utvalgte til å fange alle øyeblikkene på film.


The first time we met was at a party in Oslo four years ago. We were both traveling there just for the weekend and ended up spending most of the time together. It was love at first sight. At that time we lived in different cities 600km apart from each other, but after daily contact over the phone we found out that the distance shouldn’t stop us from being together. That’s the best decision we have ever made!

In April last year Jonathan went down on his knee. At an abandoned beautiful beach in Vietnam during sunset, surrounded by white sand, crystal clear water and a flaming sky. It was a perfect proposal!

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When we started planning the wedding we wanted to have a party that characterizes us as a couple. Putting aside all the typical wedding traditions with the main focus of having a laidback and non-formal party where everybody could enjoy themselves was our vision. Finally given the chance to gather all of our best friends and family, we wanted to create a night to remember.

We considered a few different options and landed promptly at a venue that let us decide everything for ourselves. By making our own DIY decorations, our own menu and being able to use own favorite providers, the venue really brought out our vision.


The venue was a beautiful greenhouse where the bride as a child used to run in the gardens admiring the fauna. Our wedding would be one of the first arrangements in this venue, this giving us lots of room for shaping the place the way we wanted. One of the owners is a former gardener and made sure there would be flowers everywhere both outside and inside the greenhouse. Surroundings like a forty-year-old bonsai tree, more than two hundred fuchsia and hanging willow filled with hundreds of lights all contributed to the relaxed greenhouse feeling we wanted to achieve. For the finishing touch, we used lots of fresh herbs, to serve as a table decoration. The final result was stunning, the smell delightful and the whole place had turned into one big beautiful garden.

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Our family and friends are scattered across both Norway and Germany, and for many of them, it would be a long journey to attend our wedding. When we finally had the opportunity to spend time with all people dear to us, we wanted to make the most out of the weekend. A rooftop balcony together with a view over Stavanger city and fjords was a perfect way for everybody to meet. In hindsight, we are very glad we did this giving everyone the opportunity to get to know each other before the big day, and it helped to create a fantastic atmosphere for our guests.

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After a week with lots of rain, the sun finally revealed itself on our wedding day. The church was magnificent and the moment when we finally got to see each other moved both of us much more than we had expected. This very special atmosphere combined with all our feelings and expectations is maybe the most special moment, something we will never forget. Jonathan’s family are all very gifted musicians, and they put together three wonderful songs which they performed during our ceremony. This very personal performance didn’t leave many dry eyes among us.


When we later arrived at the venue, all of our guests were ready to welcome us with beer, bubbles, laughter, and joy. Since we wanted an informal wedding we had put together a barbeque, setting the final touch on our summer celebration. We absolutely loved the wibe this created. Photobooth, dance slippers, and free drinks set the bar for a fantastic night. There was not one moment when the dance floor was not occupied. From young to old, everyone kept the party going from the end of our wedding dance until the sun rose. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect wedding!


We knew early that finding the right photographer was most important for us. After browsing through wedding blogs and magazines we fell in love with the pictures of Ester and Gabe. Their ability to capture small, beautiful moments is what makes their pictures so special. We are so grateful for everything they have done for us. Esther and Gabe managed to capture even the smallest details, and every time we look at the pictures they take us right back to our wedding day.

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Photography: Esther – Gabe Fine Art Photography
Venue: Drivhuset på Bærheim, Lokal Base
Church: Frue kirke (hetlandskirken)
Wedding car: Corvette Stingray 65′
DJ and lights: Proff Event
Wedding cake: DIY
Wedding dress: Pronovias Atelier, Irune
Grooms suit: Hugo Boss
Wedding bouquet: Mestergrønn Torgterassen
Hair and makeup: FAB lounge
Herbs: Kryddergaarden Bryne
Wedding rings: Mestergull