I’m Lisa, the founder and creative editor of Norwegian Wedding Magazine, also known as The Norwegian Wedding Blog. Personally I enjoy beeing behind the scenes, where I work to present all the wonderful and talented artists from all over the world. I love the real, authentic and raw. Together with visual beauty it creates something really special. It touches our senses and makes us inspired and feeling good. My background comes from styling interior, decorating homes, designing weddings and events for many years. In addition to being passionate about the above, I love photography and the powerful story one single image can tell.


I have a crush for colors, beautiful words, movies, books, flowers, interiors, architecture and love stories that moves our hearts and touches our souls. In this concept, I can use all that and then some.   NWM is always looking for quality over quantity. We strive to showcase what we believe is within our values, which can showcase something different, modern, yet timeless. As the creative editor I want to show the way, not follow in the footsteps of others, and even if we can't invent the wheel all over again, we can do what's already been done with our own unique twist. I like to walk outside the known paths, to give readers the very best outcome. I believe life is about love and how to live our life as authentic as we can.